When it comes to pool heating, Pollard Pools & Spas endorses Rheem, one of Australia’s most recognised and respected brands. It is synonymous with hot water heating, and Australia’s leading specialist in pool water heating for both residential and commercial.


Picture this – you wake up in the morning and step outside to take a dip in your pool. The only problem? It’s winter, and your pool is stuck at a bone-chilling temperature. While the hardy few won’t be put off by a freezing dip, most of us will head back inside for a cup of coffee instead.

Even with Australia’s great climate, most people don’t get enough use out of their swimming pool. An unheated pool might be usable for only four to six months of the year but, for a big chunk of the time, it is just left out in the cold.

So what’s the answer?

For anyone who wants to get more use out of their pool, investing in a pool heating system is the best choice. Whether you want your pool heated all year round, or just want to extend the number of months you can use your pool either side of summer, installing a swimming pool heater can give you that versatility.

Assessing your needs

Although we’ve been around for nearly 50 years, Pollard Pools & Spas don’t work on the assumption that they know everything. Regardless of how small or large a project may be, our Technicians will discuss and analyse the following to ensure your heating system retains temperature with minimal power consumption, and most importantly we provide a solution to your expectations.

To do so, our experts analyse the following data:

  • Pool size
  • Shading
  • Geographic location
  • Swimming season
  • Desired pool temperature
  • Wind exposure
  • Blanket use

For residential pools we recommend The Accent heat pump

The Accent residential pool heat pump is the premium product in a market flooded with cheap imports. The Accent is unrivalled in terms of quality. The design is simply a scaled down version of the large Commercial Accent heat pumps which are specified into Australia’s major projects, with the use of the identical commercial componentry.




The first thing you need to know is that, unlike solar pool covers, thermal pool blankets don’t heat the water. What they do, however, is retain the heat, and they do it well. A good quality and well fitted thermal pool blanket is capable of retaining around 75% of your pool water’s temperature. If you have a heated pool, that’s a big deal and translates into a potentially huge energy cost savings.