A swimming pool is an investment in lifestyle and family fun and solar doubles the value you get from that investment by making it warm and enjoyable for more days per year and more hours per day. By saving on the cost of gas or electric pool heating, solar is the only pool heating system that actually pays for itself over time.

Pollard Pools & Spas will design the system to suit your roof and advise on the best aspect for installation. This unique system can be installed on any roofing material – difficult or unusual roofs are our specialty. Each unit is designed for your special requirements, with the option of temperature controls, separate plumbing systems and other automatic options.

Staying accountable makes a big difference. Our assessment, recommendations, and site works will result in an asset that stands the test of time. When it comes to Solar Pool Heating, Pollard Pools & Spas endorses Sunbather, Australia’s industry leader, offering an Australian made product which undergoes continual development to enable you to trust in the brand.

Pollard Pools & Spas specialise in the installation of:


  • Sunbather strip is the most versatile and efficient collector available and can be custom made to suit all roof shapes and sizes.
  • Strip solar collector can work around chimneys, solar PV panels, skylights, etc.
  • It’s the best looking solar option & comes with an industry leading 15 year warranty.


Unhappy with your pool temperature?  Chances are your solar controller is not working properly.  A solar controller is sometimes overlooked, yet is the most important component behind a solar pool heating system.  SunSwitch controllers not only look better, they are the simplest and smartest solar controller available compatible with any type of solar pool heating system. Available in wireless and wired models.


What ever you choose to call these pool covers, they’re a valuable accessory to your pool. When you use a pool cover, you’ll save water, reduce chemical consumption and make it easier to maintain your pool. Solar covers have the added benefits of heating your pool too.

So it’s really not a question of ‘do I need a pool cover?’, but rather, ‘which pool cover best suits me?’. A solar cover? A leaf cover? A shut down cover? A non heating cover? A thermal cover?

If you have chosen to heat your pool using Solar energy, we narrow it down to a solar pool cover, or more commonly known as Bubble blanket.